With who? Flanked by an equally reliable team. Because the work carried out in security are increasingly practiced by at least two surgeons and the second surgeon is often the one that deals with less risky parts, but important as skin sutures.
How much time?That allows me the same price agreed to stay one more day and in any case what is necessary to avoid any complication that may occur after ‘intervention.

Where?In Security in a properly equipped facility with an anesthesia service resuscitation and night with the best medical specialists in the structure.
How much is it?A competitive tariff, materials used and implanted certificates and high performance, with strict transparency and traceability.

What do I expect?That does not alter my appearance giving me back a body that is not mine, but his body no longer that defect.
Who?A surgeon quality with a long specialist training in the field of college experience all ‘foreign, with an experience of more than 2000 scientific publications and surgical interventions in Plastic Surgery. Accredited by emerita European commission of specialists in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic (EBOPRAS).