Scar From Caesarean

parto-cesareoMost women do not observe discomfort from the caesarean section scar. However in some instances the tissues under the scar, not adequately trophic, form an unsightly adhesion with the underlying muscle fascia. The appearance can be exacerbated by the normal accumulation of fat that occurs in the lower abdomen in midlife women. If the abdomen contour is good, a review of the caesarean section scar can improve the aesthetics of the underlying scar.

Who is a candidate?

lean patients with a localized problem to the scar and abdominal contour the lower frame. In some cases women who have had a difficult delivery, and an emergency caesarean found that the scar is an unpleasant reminder of what should be a happy event. Any retraction of the skin to deeper tissue can be improved with suture techniques and advanced dressings that result in a thin scar. If there is presence of fatty tissue in abundance or muscle laxity instead a mini-tummy tuck becomes the intervention of who should be contacted.

What are the consequences?

The operation leaves a scar in the lower abdomen, just above the pubic hair, and slightly longer than the old Caesarean scar. However you will notice a lot less because of color, quality and best consistency.

What are the limits?

This action does not remove the excess fat on the abdomen, unless it is associated with a liposuction or you opt for a mini tummy tuck. The latter is in fact recommended if there is an important muscle laxity and excess skin. A ‘further pregnancy will stretch the skin again, although probably not to the same extent.

What are the risks?

This operation is usually performed under local anesthesia with sedation, in one day surgery. The scar will need to be protected with an adhesive tape for a couple of weeks, but, apart from the possible common complications of any surgery, there are no other specific risks of this minor surgical procedure.

What you need to do before the surgery?

If you are overweight should be put on a diet for the best results are obtained in normopese people. If you smoke there may be a slightly increased risk of wound healing.

What is to be expected at the time of the transaction?

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and sedation. The operation takes 45-60 minutes and if you want you can bring your favorite music to listen through headphones during the operation. There should be no pain immediately after the operation is used as a local anesthetic to long-acting. Afterwards you can take simple counter painkillers such as paracetamol. You feel your abdomen tight for the first week or so, and you will have to avoid strenuous exercise during this period.


Light activities, avoiding any strenuous exercise, are recommended for the first 15 days. The scar will initially be a thin line, but it could become temporarily raised and red. When in fact it will be completely resolved, it will be clear, fine and flat. It is the responsibility of Dr Grassetti follow your scars during maturation and remodeling.