imm rinofillerSmall blemishes of the nose can be corrected by using hyaluronic acid-based fillers and, where necessary, pulling threads. In cases of noses with not too accentuated hump, this can be masked by injecting the product a little above and below it; the falling tips can be raised by a few millimeters by reopening the nose labial angle, rotating them and projecting them. Out of rhinoplasty results small residual imperfections and depressions can be adjusted. Obviously it does not improve the respiratory function unlike a rhinoplasty, but only the aesthetics. The result will last about a year, or the reabsorption time of the filler; after which it can be repeated. It is performed in the clinic in 5 minutes, the application of ice avoids any pain, the effect is immediate and it is immediately presentable after about 30 minutes. Rarely can a small bruise occur in the injection areas.