Remodeling Navel

calipso1The navel is an important feature of the abdomen. It has long been recognized for its erotic appeal and was also forbidden to expose it during the 1920s in Hollywood. Current fashions show that the navel is often discovered by clothing.


The navel is classically oval and uneven shape. Problems with the navel can be present at birth that is because of pregnancy, previous surgery, or piercing. There is sometimes a weakness in the abdominal wall (hernia) associated to a protruding navel.


Who is a Candidate

The patients unhappy with the shape of their navel and with realistic expectations of what can be achieved are good candidates for surgery. Patients requiring this operation are mostly those with a protruding navel and those who have suffered a previous abdominoplasty.


What are the consequences

The navel is really a scar of previous maternal connection to the umbilical cord. The navel remodeling can be considered a form of scar revision. In many cases they are not created additional scars outside navel. If the problem is instead due to prior surgical procedures, such as restricting the navel, the operation can be more complicated.


What are the limits

If the navel has an underlying hernia, it may be necessary to create a larger scar to repair it.


What are the risks

This operation can be performed as one day surgery under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia if a hernia repair is required. The scar will need to be medicated for a couple of weeks, but there are no other specific risks of this surgical procedure relatively minor.


What you need to do before surgery

If you are overweight it would be appropriate to put diet since the best results are obtained in normopese people. If you smoke, there may be a slightly increased risk of impaired wound healing.


What is to be expected at the time of the transaction

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and sedation. The operation takes 45-60 minutes and if you want you can bring your favorite music to listen through headphones during the operation. There should be no pain immediately after the operation is used as a local anesthetic to long-acting. Then you can take simple counter painkillers such as paracetamol.



Only light activity, avoiding any strenuous exercise, are recommended for the first 10 days.