A beautiful definition of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says that its function is to give people the appearance corresponding to the image they have of themselves.

Very often the shape and size of the nose compromise so important to the relationship with their own image.

When you find that your nose is not suitable to its image, to his face, then there is the indication for a rhinoplasty.

The nose is right in the middle of the face and, if too cumbersome, it alters the balance and often undermines self-confidence and affects relationships with others.

Not seldom we are dealing outcomes of rhinoplasty performed even many years before it did not give the expected results: it comes to interventions difficult to deal with a lot of prudence, but very rewarding.

preoperative preparation

During the visit preoparatoria have addressed all the issues concerning the operation are devoting the time needed to realize that complicity and the collaboration between patient and surgeon necessary to obtain a result of full satisfaction.

And ” possible with modern computer-morphing programs do simulations to see what results you can get and also check if your “perfect nose” appears in harmony with the rest of the face.

You have to do blood tests, urine tests, an electrocardiogram (ECG) and a chest X-ray in view of anesthesia; is useful in case of imperfect breathing perform one of the nasal cavities radiography to assess the need of a functional intervention.

A view is performed by the anesthetist who will make recommendations about preoperative fasting and any other preparations

The transaction day

And ‘advisable to go to the clinic with comfortable clothing and especially to wear a shirt or vest open at the front so you do not have difficulty getting dressed at discharge (a shirt with narrow necks would create difficulties when it has to pass on the nose).

Do not wear makeup and especially do not have nail polish on the nails (would prevent proper operation of the device that measures the amount of oxygen in the blood). Do not bring any metallic object wear when you go into the operating room.

After surgery there will be two soft pads in the nostrils to facilitate the correct adhesion to the mucosa of the nose structures that will be maintained for three or four days, the patches and a chalk and metal plate or thermoformed to keep the bones and the whole structure nasal good position that will be removed after 7:00 to 8:00 days.

Will incur a coolant medication to reduce hematoma formation and will be administered an antibiotic and pain medication intravenously.

The ‘intervention

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation and is conducted entirely through the nostrils without that there is no mark on the skin; even when considerably reduces the volume of the nose, need not be removed because of the skin within a few days he retires without giving problems.

It acts on the bone structure and the cartilage of the nose from the inside by modeling the shape so as to make it pleasant in appearance and proportionate to the face. If necessary to improve breathing also acts on the septum or the turbinates which are small bones that make whirling the air inside of the nose.

The corrections that you can make the nose are varied and the final form is not standardized but can and should be adapted to the proportions of the face. Then the correction of the hump does not necessarily give a nose, how to tighten the tip does not mean it pointed but pretty thin and in line with the bridge of the nose.

At the end of the operation are placed in two small pads nostrils which are removed after a few days. On the nasal pyramid applies a small splint pinstripe and metal to keep the bones in good position which is usually removed after 7:00 to 8:00 days. Since that time, if there are no bruises, no more visible signs of surgery.

The day after the ‘intervention

The next morning the operation the patient is discharged keeping in place the swabs and plaque placed at the end of the intervention.

Activities in the post operative period.

After 4 or 5 days there will be a check-in which will remove pads. After a week the big day: it removes plaque from the back of the nose and patients can see themselves in the mirror with their new nose. There will still be in the process of resorption of hematomas, nose will still be very sensitive and a bit ‘hard but the result, at least in broad terms will already be noticeable.

Within a month, the shape of the nose is at 90% of the final result.

At the end of convalescence

After a month of resuming the work is complete and there are no restrictions even for sports activities or exposure to the sun or UVA rays.

In relation to a short-term patients feel as fully “their” new nose and will not experience discomfort when someone will set them in the center of the face.