Non-Surgical Facelift

The support wires or traction are a innovation by the double of tissue lifting effect and collagen regeneration.
They offer women and men have redefined the face, a restored volume and reduced wrinkles thanks to a treatment duration of 30 min in the Surgical clinic of Plastic Surgery.

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Some are made of polydioxanone, a material normally used for deep surgical absorbable sutures long term. Other Caprolactone which release, in micro-doses in the ‘area treated, during its degradation L-lactic acid which stimulates the formation of collagen and increases the blood supply in the microcirculation. They can be smooth or with barbature (plugs or anchors). They disappear in 3 or 6 months, but in the meantime induce formation of collagen which leads to an increase of the tissue support already after one month and up to 6 months from their plant.
The wires have been proven safe by having more than 20 years of follow up.
The result is immediately visible, although only after 3-6 months you get the final effect of restored skin. Not remain signs due to incision with knife or scars in ‘area treated.
The mimicry of totally preserved persists face.
Those also bearded, also used for traction and suspension, not only structure the tissues, but also move them to suspend them where desired. They use the principle of a “superficial” facelift, only skin without removing excess skin, but redistributing them. In practice you can realistically expect a lifting of a few centimeters of skin masses that with age you are relaxed by gravity.
The wires are therefore not an equivalent to the traditional facelift or Mini Facelift, but a minimally invasive approach and less expensive for young people with medium skin patients manifesting early signs of failure and they have no time for long periods of detention and rehabilitation, usually necessary for surgical rejuvenation procedures. In these patients it may reasonably mask and prevent the ‘aging tissue in areas that typically would tend to slide down by gravity as the bag malar fat, the submental area ( “wattle”), the “collar of Venus,” the eyebrow , l ‘angle of the jaw.
IMPORTANT: Before treatment, the patient must understand that there are two possibilities, so two different expectations. The first uses the most delicate threads that offer a modest and less long-lasting (up to 1 year) in front of an equally modest expenditure, and which allow you to get out from the surgery with recovery times ( “down time”) virtually zero: the patient is immediately presentable to the public or can return to daily activities the same evening without obvious signs of treatment on the treated area.
The second uses more robust wires and needles that determine an effect and a more effective seal and lasting in time (up to 2 years), in front of a down time of 7 days on the face and almost 15 days on the neck during which the patient will see the wrinkles which appear on ‘treated area. They must disappear by themselves and not with the ‘help of the message that otherwise would defeat the same effect of the treatment. Results will be seen after three weeks.


The treatment is performed in sterility generally with the aid of local anesthetic depending on the areas treated and the type, length, size, consistency and barbatura of the wire that is used.
During insertion may also convey biostimulants to reinforce the effect of the wires themselves.
At the end of treatment in some cases an antibiotic cream is applied to the input points of the wires and, depending on the case, of the patches which serve to keep the skin in antigravity position and to aim antioedemic moderately compressive.
Only those who routinely perform surgical facelift, is able to place the best possible suspension wires because it has full knowledge of ‘functional anatomy of the soft tissues and the leverage points where they must be applied.


The venues which benefit from ‘application of the suspension wires are the face, neck, décolleté, arms, abdomen, buttocks, hips, knees.
And it recommended the application of the threads at the sites where they were recently carried out based on hyaluronic acid fillers, because you may have undermined the effect of the wire itself.
PRECAUTIONS AFTER TREATMENT: what to do, what not to do?
NOT massaging for a couple of weeks the ‘area treated, otherwise the microancorette or harnesses are detached negating the’ traction effect of the implanted thread.
Moisturizers commonly used can be applied, careful to lay them gently and lightly from bottom to ‘high in the direction of the wire draw and not vice versa. If you hear a “tick” means that stir bar came off: it does not happen anything.
It may be useful as anti-edematous take arnica tablets or gel for two weeks.
In case many bodily areas or many threads implanted may be prudent to assume a short-term antibiotic therapy have been treated (type azithromycin for 3 days)
For the 6 hours after treatment is also recommended to apply at home of cold compresses so repeated locally but for not longer than 20 minutes continuously to avoid the formation of small bruises.
And ‘appropriate limit’ facial expressions activities (if treated the face and neck) for the next 7 days: forcibly avoid gape, yawn, belting.
Do not expose yourself to saunas, sunlamps or other sources of intense heat as to also avoid strenuous physical activity for the next two weeks, to avoid bruising.


Treatment should be avoided in patients with collagen, active dermatitis, connective tissue, herpes simplex in the active phase, tendency to develop keloid scarring, use of oral anticoagulants, previous installations of permanent products in the region to be treated.


Possible complications that can occur after treatment are:
Asymmetries: due to pre-existing conditions to treatment or technique of execution, but easily correctable with massage.
skin retractions: disappear after a couple of weeks. A filler can help you hide them.
Inflammation-infection: If you follow the “precautions after treatment”, will require anti-inflammatory and antibiotic therapy as needed. in rare cases the thread removal is necessary.


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