Nipple reconstruction

capezzoloThe last step of the breast reconstruction is the reconstruction of the nipple-areola complex, which is performed when the breasts are well-balanced and stable, so after a few months.

The nipple can be reconstructed using the contralateral nipple: if ‘s is big and very protruding you can pick half and transplant it as a free graft in the new headquarters. Alternatively, numerous methods have been described that use small local flaps taken from the same of the mastectomy scar, which, rotated, simulate the appearance of a nipple and which represent the preferred technique by Dr. Grassetti.

The areola can be rebuilt or a graft taken at the root of the thigh, or you can get good results with dermopigmentation via tattooing. It has the advantage of not requiring an operating room and especially not to add other scars, but tends to discolor over time to a greater extent than the first method. It should be noted that, compared to an ‘initial overcorrection, there will be a decrease of more than half of the nipple projection in’ next year!