A great news for lip augmentation permanently without the need for periodic touch-ups and without displacement problems of the various fillers. And ‘now available in Italy a new prosthesis for the permanent increase in the volume of the lips, it can be implanted in the upper lip so that the lower one with a short operation under local anesthesia. Dr. Dot is one of the first Italian Plastic Surgeons using them. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and, through a single small incision it is possible to implant the prosthesis, soft and available in different sizes, both in the upper lip and lower corner. Already after a few hours, just past the local anesthesia, the lips have a new look and after a few days you have the final result no longer need periodic touch-ups and risk of displacement. And if one day you do not want anymore? with an even more brief and simple intervention, you can be removed without consequences.