Lipofilling (Breast augmentation with own fat)

Fat-transferThis is the method that allows you to transfer part of its own fat and stem cells contained in it from one area to other body, to fill endorsed scars, restore volume to congenital depressed areas or post-traumatic, give tropism to a gaunt face for an aged and atrophic vulva or suffering from lichen sclerosus atrophic, fill wrinkles, augment the lips, improve stretch marks, making an atrophic skin and scar, increase the convexity areas of the skin softer and more consistent. As is used for the filling of nasolabial furrows, cheekbones, lips and to return firmness and elasticity to the back of the hands.
The ‘scope of use, however most frequent is that breast augmentation (breast augmentation) without the use of implants, but only thanks to “injections” of their fat removed with liposuction. However, it is necessary to practice this method with extreme care and in selected cases: in particular when you want an increase of one or two sizes only. Only meticulous specialist examination will assess the real benefits of the application of lipofilling in your breasts, carefully considering size, shape, texture, elasticity and other morphological parameters.


It is not necessary for allergy test because the fat is your body. The recovery is very rapid at 24 disadvantages
Patients do not always have fat deposits available for withdrawal. The duration and volume of ‘plant that takes root is not easily predictable. You may need to repeat the treatment several times after a few months until you get the desired correction.


L ‘intervention should be avoided in pregnant women and during the’ feeding.
At least three weeks before the ‘intervention must be suspended medicines containing acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin, Vivin C, etc.).
The night before proceeding to a thorough bath complete cleaning and removal of any cosmetic including the enamel from the toenails and hands.


This technique is usually performed under local anesthesia with mild sedation and in day surgery. For safety reasons, Dr. Grassetti will ask you if you should stay a night in hospital.
It consists in aspiring where prefer the fat patient with micro cannulas, these fat cells will then be processed and filtered using special machinery and the “new” fat so purified and enriched with own stem cells will be inserted through even smaller cannulas in the breast or in the target areas. The incisions are practiced in very visible locations in the donor and recipient site and are 1-2 mm long, as in liposuction. This will make it possible to remove localized fat deposits and at the same time increase their breast size, thus combining the advantages of two separate procedures.

Rehabilitating post-operative and precautions

It may have temporarily a sense of burning and stinging sensations in the recipient area. Altered skin sensitivity may persist for some months, but are completely reversible.
It may ooze fluid from small cutaneous injection holes.
The resumption of daily activities will be immediate by the next day.
In the case of lipofilling large areas of the face, swelling and some bruising may persist for several days.
We must not put or apply pressure on the treated areas.
For about a month should be avoided l ‘exposure to the sun, sunlamps, heat and limited sports activities.
In treated areas may appear small bruises that autorisolvono within a few days.


A modest bleeding wound is normal.
The infection, if you were to develop, is usually well manageable with antibiotics and local dressings.
Seroma or hematoma can rarely occur the first few days after the ‘intervention: it is useful to avoid wear on the treated areas of the elastic-compression bands.
Complications of SPECIFIC character of lipofilling are:
prolonged swelling, up to three months at times.
Irregularities of the skin surface is in ‘donor area than in the receiver.
Pigmentation of the skin areas treated.


Insufficient or excessive correction of the defect, because it is not exactly predictable as fat will take root in different patients.
Formation of small nodules on palpation which can also ask the ‘aspiration or the’ surgical excision.
partial or total absorption of the ‘fat graft rooting for failure, as in all of grafts plastic surgery techniques.
May minimal skin scars residuare ports of entry of the cannula which, like all scars, are likely to experience abnormal wound.
In very rare cases you may occur a skin necrosis which can also lead to a scar more.


And ‘impossible and incorrect ensure the patient a engraftment of the inserted fat of 100%, and then it is right to consider the possibility of having to repeat the procedure a second time in the case of an increase not obtained satisfactorily. The result as has been said, also because of the various responses of ‘from patient to patient body, can not be precisely prognosticato a priori: it shall be deemed final 6 months after the treatment. Also it is not possible or safe place excessive adipose tissue at the level of the recipient site at once (for example, patients who wish to increase the breast more than one size) because it would be very likely to get a high percentage of non-engraftment and therefore it may be irregularities of form and accumulation of hard palpable masses (liponecrosi).

SAFETY Lipofilling

Lipofilling is usually used in reconstructive surgery and is therefore a method that does not involve any risk of cancer and does not interfere with the normal controls that a woman should perform breast. However remember that this experience has been collected from transplant surgery of moderate amounts of fat cells and should therefore avoid Lipofilling in districts headquarters of tumors not completely removed.