Large increases in volume

Large volume increases Through placement of expandable prosthesis
Often, your surgeon tells you that they are “impossible”, but can be realized with permanent breast expanders we use in reconstructive surgery.
This is a response to numerous requests for an increase in volume with dimensions of the prosthesis higher than those usually used.
A considerable percentage of women who performed a breast augmentation would like to further increase the volume of their breasts and many of them undergo a second operation, some even a third.
There are many factors that prevent you from getting in a single operation a large increase in breast volume, in particular of skin failure, excessive voltage which would be under the pectoral muscles, especially when you want to get a significant volume of the breast starting by a small gland and a small amount of tissue.
The two major manufacturers of breast implants built today expandable prosthesis that can be left permanently. The mammary expanders have for many years used in breast reconstructions and normally must be replaced by definitive prosthesis.
Expandable prostheses are similar in principle but allow, once you reach the desired volume, remove the filling valve, which seals itself, and become real breast implants.
The expandable prosthesis literally allow patients to choose the desired volume in subsequent fills with saline suspending them when you feel you have reached the optimum volume or even to go back to a lower volume after some time.
To perform this technique, a special attention in the placement of implants and their subsequent filling. E ‘can place this type of prosthesis also through the axillary with all the advantages from the point of view of the scars that are in a seat which makes them almost invisible and, nevertheless, obtain a final volume greater than what one might have with placing pre-filled implants through that way.
The volume obtainable with the same prosthesis varies very significantly depending on the filling without giving a too empty effect for smaller volumes nor too tight for the larger ones. The scope of choice with the same type of prosthesis is of more than two bra sizes, then, for example, a woman who starts from a first size can obtain a variable size from the third to fifth modulating the filling of the prosthesis.
Referring to the kind of cup bras you can say that you can easily switch from an A cup to a C cup to a D cup and even without having to suffer for the tension of the muscles or skin and verifying step by step if the volume is obtained the one you want, knowing that you can also make an aspiration of saline implants present in order to reduce its volume, if the solution.
There are different measures of these prostheses to fit the physical structure of the patient and to allow to obtain the best form and the best dimensions that they wish. During surgery are filled with an adequate amount of saline solution to the surrounding tissues and subsequently (usually after a fortnight), you can make the fills at the rate of about 50cc. on average for time with a possibility of expansion which allows if necessary to get up to almost triple the initial volume.
The choice of the final volume is easier because it can be decided by each patient who has all the time to evaluate the form, size and screening of her new breasts and can even “try” as you would for a suit before deciding to maintain a certain volume.
A personal discussion with your surgeon will enable the possibility of using this type of prosthesis according to individual needs.