Liposuction is the most performed surgery for the correction of defects in the legs and buttocks, but also measures such as the lifting of the thighs or buttocks are very helpful to restore tone to the whole area.
Liposuction (or liposculpture) is a technique that allows vacuuming to remove excess fat in the subcutaneous tissue. It is only effective if there is too much laxity of the skin. Because the fat cells are perennial and therefore are not renewed by your body, there will be a lasting change in your body shape, especially if you continue to maintain a healthy diet and a healthy weight after surgery.
The elimination of the ‘appearance of “orange peel” typical of “cellulite” is NOT a purpose of this paper!
Liposuction is not a dell ‘obesity treatment, but can be associated to the treatments that are used for this. The best candidates are people of normal weight with skin toned and elastic, which have localized fat deposits in certain body areas.
Both the lifting of the thighs to the buttocks can be performed in lumbar anesthesia with hidden scars in skin folds. Within a week you can resume normal activities. For a description of these measures, please refer to the related items in the section Æsthetes surgery