labbraIt is intra dermal injections of hyaluronic acid (eg. Juvederm, Juvederm Ultra, Voluma, Restylane, Stilage) or collagen (eg Evolence) to smooth filling wrinkles and skin folds.
It’s always a good idea to ask what produced the surgeon will inject: security and the price of the same in fact, depend on it!
The most popular method to reduce wrinkles and uses injectable fillers to smooth out wrinkles, crow’s feet, laugh lines, bar code, certain types of sunken scars, cheeks, cheekbones and lips. The filler is injected using a fine needle, until the facial lines and wrinkles are filled. Several substances are used as fillers.
Hyaluronic acid is the most commonly used dermal filler. Dr. Grassetti uses only temporary fillers albeit long-term, both because it has experienced the permanent fillers outcomes, either because he believes that this last will leave the facial disharmony in the future: for example the lips of a 30 year-old will not be adequate in a 60 year old.
There are three types of hyaluronic acid on the market. The low density products are suitable for correcting the upper lip wrinkles and crow’s feet priority. They dissolve in about three months. The medium density products are used for the filling of the lips and deep wrinkles; They have a stay of approximately 5 months. The high density products are used for the treatment of naso-labial furrows. There are even more dense and long-lasting hyaluronic acid for filling the cheekbones and restore facial volume.
A more natural and semi-permanent is the autologous fat transfer to the lips and deeper wrinkles, but this always requires the most sterile environment and adequate operating room (LIPOFILLING).


The result depends on the type of product used and the ‘amount of the initial defect, with an average stay of several months. The effect is visible immediately after the treatment and is better in the nasolabial folds, lips and cheekbones. more good results are obtained in the correction of crow’s feet and forehead and glabellar region, where instead find broader indication injection of botulinum toxin.

Possible side effects

temporary swelling, redness, bruising (small bruises) minimizzabili with the application of ice immediately after treatment and in any case be resolved in 24-48 h. Sometimes possibility of non-uniform distribution of the product with visible or palpable nodularity, but still reversible. Very rarely can appear localized granulomatous reactions or bacterial infections, minimizzabili with the execution of in-hospital treatment.


Candidates are not all ‘of the patients injected with fillers tendency to develop keloid scarring, pregnant or nursing, with hypersensitivity to the product or persons who have inflammatory processes in the skin to be treated.