ectropionEctropion consists eversion the free margin of the lower eyelid that loses contact with the eyeball.
The non-contact causes the exposure of the cornea, and therefore the failure of the ocular surface protection, and also the difficulty of draining the tears.
The main symptoms resulting from exposure of the conjunctiva and cornea are conjunctivitis, watery eyes, eczema of the eyelid skin, eye irritation, foreign body sensation, and, in later stages, the exposure keratitis, the latter you can complicate with corneal ulcers or abscesses.

Ectropion correction

It is always surgical and is performed with various techniques that aim to strengthen the tendons or muscular-skeletal structure of the eyelid in cases of Ectropion senile; to graft skin where missing in cases of scar Ectropion or to assist the closure of the eyelid by means of small weights in cases of paralytic ectropion.
In most cases the interventions are performed under local anesthesia in one day surgery regimen.